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The ultimate stand for bringing the analog world of vinyl and computer audio files together. It houses any 10" or 12" mixer plus any two turntables in the battle position. A raised and recessed top shelf ensures plenty of clearance to access tone arms and pitch faders. The top shelf is perfect for staging a laptop running your favourite digital dj software such as Rane Serato or Traktor Scratch. The sturdy design and free custom height will ensure no more putting up with a wobbly desk or sore back. A wider top shelf (1130m wide) for additional equipment is also available free of charge.
  • the ultimate stand for a spinning digital tracks on vinyls
  • suited for home, studio or club setup
  • quick and easy to assemble
  • suitable for two turntables in battle position and any 10" or 12" mixer, plus laptop / CDJs and/or effects machines

  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 1130mm x 580mm x 980mm (Custom height available free of charge)
  • Shelf Height: +148mm
  • Shelf Depth: 360mm
  • Shelf Width: 634mm (1130mm wide shelf available free of charge)
  • Extra height with adjustable feet or castors
  • Weight: 29 kgs