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The FLOAT is an ideal solution for active environments where vibrations may be passed onto the stylus via people walking or dancing. The FLOAT is capable of housing a fusion of digital and analog equipment, including two turntables, mixer, and up to two CDJs OR a laptop/effect machine. A free upgrade to a custom wide top shelf (1130mm or 1360mm wide) for additional equipment is also available. Contact to find out if this solution may be suitable for your venue.
  • can be suspended from up to 4 metres, using the included suspension kit
  • solves the problem of vibrations being passed to the stylus via floor
  • suitable for two turntables/cdjs, a mixer and up to two CDJs
  • OR three turntables/cdjs and a mixer
  • OR two turntables/cdjs, a mixer, and a laptop / effect machine etc
  • free upgrade to an extended top shelf (1130mm or 1360mm wide)

  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 1520mm x 580mm
  • Shelf Height: +118mm
  • Shelf Depth: 360mm
  • Shelf Width: 634mm (free upgrade to an 1130mm or 1360mm wide top shelf available)
  • Weight: 22 kgs